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Marijuana Legalization Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana legalization is a unique issue currently gaining momentum in America. Over 25 million Americans have used marijuana in the past year, 100 million have tried the drug at least once, and 14 million use regularly (“About Marijuana”). The growth, sale, possession, and consumption of marijuana for any reason are against federal law. Two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized recreational marijuana use for adults over the age of 21, and sixteen additional states and Washington D. C. have legalized medical marijuana (“Pot Legalization Could Save”). However, all of these states are acting illegally according to federal law. Marijuana legalization is a complex issue that could upend cultural tradition, affect the economy, potentially affect crime and individual health, and challenge…

The Economics of Marijuana Legalization in California

Drugs are all useful when taken in moderation or in right prescription. Anything that goes beyond the limit can be called substance abuse or addiction which appeals to our moral sense. However, aside from the health concerns that drugs bring to the debate is the business behind it. Those termed as illegal drugs are now found to be useful not only for improving ones health but also to improving the economy. On the other hand, they could also be harmful and destructive while being profitable for the economy. The question now should be: will the legalization of marijuana bring monetary benefits to government aside from the possible health benefits it could bring? And will these benefits outweigh the costs of…