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MAR project team Essay

Integrated Health consists a number of hospitals.
Has an internal technology department – MIS.
Has a large number of staff
MAR project team is well rounded with technology.

The institutions of Integrated Health are well known by the people in Tempe, Arizona. A non-profit organization, which means all the earned money minus the salary and daily operational costs of the institution, can be used for development.

Utilizes manual processing of information.
Low investment on automation.

Chief Information Officer doesn’t have technical background. Some Directors doesn’t support automation and would rather have the traditional process. A large number of staff doesn’t agree with the change.

Due to manual filings, specialists reported that patients endorsed to them doesn’t have files 30% of the time.
Doesn’t have a change management process.
MIS Staff are underestimated and their relevance is not clear to the whole organization

Lower of costs by investing on computerizing MAR.

Can attract partnerships with insurance companies as they are becoming a trend. By investing in computerized MAR, less information would be missing or incorrect If medical tests would not be repeated unnecessarily, then operational costs can be lessen. Computer management of patient medication profiles offers the opportunity to enhance communication between pharmacists and nurses decrease medication errors and delays in delivery of therapy. enhance medication delivery accuracy and timeliness

If the computerized MAR is not implemented,
insurance companies would not want to partner with Integrated Health.
Increasing incorrect medical profiles of patients.
If the computerized MAR is implemented,
There will be dependence on its automation in the future and when it fails, operations will stop.
Cost for further upgrades to fix bugs and improve services will be considered.

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