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Manufacturing process Essay

?What are two items regarding the manufacturing process related to the organization that the team finds unique or interesting?

One of the processes that we found interesting concerning the Coca Cola Company is that the company operates through multiple local channels. The operation is set-up to manufacture, sell concentrates, beverages bases and syrups with partnerships with within the local regions in the world. This occurs because Coca Cola is comprised of many bottling partners who manufacture, package merchandise, and distribute the final branded beverages through local customers and vending partners worldwide who then sell to their local consumers with in their region of distribution. This is a unique operation because most consumers would think that Coca Cola is located at one place of operation and distributed worldwide. Another unique aspect that we found interesting is that Coca Cola has a conservation process called Sustainable Packaging.

This process starts with the company having and showing an active role with recovery and recycling process. One way they are in the forefront in this process is that they support and invest the placement of several thousand recycling bins in public areas every year. They also directly invested in six plastic bottle to bottle recycling plants around the world, these plants process millions of pounds of material each year. This process helps to produce new packaging along with other items within the company. These innovated conservation awareness processed has gain favorably and partnership with Ocean Conservation and Keep America BEAUTIFUL. These two process from producing the product to investing in conservation show the cradle to grave aspect of the Coca Cola Company.

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