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Manual vs Automatic Transmission Essay

Why are cars with manual transmissions so popular? Also, what are some of the differences and some of the advantages to driving a car with a manual transmission? They are more difficult to drive than a car with an automatic in it. They also require certain motor skills that you don’t need with an automatic. One could also choose an automatic that is easier to drive and would make your drive in rush hour traffic more comfortable.

People who have driven cars with manuals in them know the differences and the advantages of driving one. The driver has more control over the car’s power than they do when driving cars with automatics in them. Cars with automatics are great to drive around because they don’t require too much driving skills. People who don’t really like to drive usually will choose a car that is automatic. They often don’t pay as much attention to the things that are happening around them while they are driving. They have improved a lot through the years with better gear ratios, and the shifting response when the driver just presses on the gas. However, they are not as much fun to drive. That is why race are drivers drive cars with manual transmissions.

Cars with manual transmissions are very fuel efficient. They respond better to the driver which makes them safer. People that drive cars with manual transmissions are more focused on their driving. When the driver down shifts when they are driving to reduce their speed, they are also saving their brake pads. Other thing cars with manual transmissions have more power and tend to respond better when you accelerate. It also makes your driving more interesting. Also race car drivers drive cars with manual transmissions to take their driving skills to a higher level for maximum performance.

Ones personality will make you decide on which is better for you to drive. My personal opinion is that cars with manual transmissions are a lot more fun to drive than automatics. Because, cars are made for driving and driving should be fun.

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