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Manila and Jose Rizal Essay

1. What is the importance of Rizal’s Life, Works and Writings? The importance of Rizal’s Life, Works and Writings should be treasured foremost by the Filipinos, since he is “The Greatest Man of the Malay Race”. Rizal inspired the Filipinos of Republic in Asia. And in order us to know, understand and appreciate what is the life, works and writings of our greatest hero as Filipino citizens. 2. Why Jose Rizal is our National hero?

The greatest hero of the Philippines was a “many-splendored” genius. He was richly dowered by God with superb intellectual, moral and physical qualities and he does many things in our country that anyone can’t do. 3. Who made Jose Rizal the foremost hero of the Philippines? The parents of Dr. Jose Rizal was the one who made him the foremost hero, also one of the contributors that made Rizal a hero is her relatives, mentors and friends. 4. What is the Republic Act. 1425?

Republic Act. 1425 known as a law mandates all educational institution in the Philippines to offer courses about Jose Rizal’s life, works and writings include in the Curriculum of all Public and Private schools, colleges and universities courses. 5. Why Dr. Jose Rizal was executed in Bagong Bayan field on December 30. 1896? It is called the “executioners place” there were many who were executed but Jose Rizal was the most controversial. Early morning of December 30, 1896 was executed.

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