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Mangment this is a paper for studying mangment in an academic setting for MBA Essay

The factors that affect the productivity of PATs include the size of incentive bonuses paid to workers, base pay increases, perfect attendance bonuses, the size of the fringe benefits package, how favorably the overall size of a company’s compensation package compares with the industry-average compensation package, expenditures for PAT training and productivity improvement, and changes in the number of models.

Perfect attendance bonuses, how much overtime is offered to PATs so as to boost their take-home pay, how many PATs are laid off, the percentage of newly-hired PATs, the percentage use of temporary PATs, and PAT compensation levels. P/Q ratings, the warranty claim rates, the amount of overtime, the percentage of cameras outsourced, and how many cameras are assembled each quarter. the complexity of the company’s camera designs; a company’s cumulative spending for new product R&D, engineering and design; the number of models; camera body ergonomics/durability; and the number of camera components. PAT training and experience, the number of PATs laid off, base pay increases, warranty claim rates, and P/Q ratings ………………………..

The interest rate a company pays on loans outstanding depends on
its credit rating.

How much it has borrowed against its credit line and its debt-assets ratio. How many consecutive years the company has been profitable, its current ratio, and its ROE
Its net profit margins, ROE, and amount of cash on hand to make interest payments
Its current ratio, global market share, debt-assets ratio, net profits, and balance sheet strength …………………………….

The company maintains a production facility in

the United States.




The decisions that company co-managers make each year are organized around new product R&D, components production, work force management, advertising and marketing, and finance. supply chain management, assembly, distribution, sales force management, advertising and marketing, customer service, and finance. components production and assembly, distribution and retailer relations, advertising and promotion, customer service, and accounting. supply chain management, components production, assembly, distribution and dealer relations, sales and marketing, and cash flow management. marketing and promotions, product design, assembly/shipping, compensation and labor force, and finance.

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