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Management Case Study Essay

As you may know, Austen Pharmaceuticals corrected the issue of the lack of diversity in our workplace by hiring several new employees, many being women and minorities. With these new hires, the company instructed the department managers to reduce our employee payroll by 15%, causing quite an ethical dilemma. After much thought and consideration, I believe that have found a solution that suits the needs of the company, our department, and the employees. I currently have 50 employees who directly report to me. It is my suggestion to cut the hours of all 50 employees by 6 hours a week and eliminate any overtime. By implementing this plan of action, our department can successfully meet the company’s requirements to cut payroll by 15%, and give employees a great incentive to leave work early or sleep in a bit each day.

Also, it can provide the employees a great morale boost by allowing them to come into the office and hour late and then leave an hour early on Fridays. I believe that everyone in a department should be treated the same, regardless of their age, position, or time with the company. If there is a pay or time cut, it should affect all employees across the board, not just the new hires or the ones who make the most money. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

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