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Managed Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Health Insurance and Managed Care

There are a myriad of issues that concern current federal health policies. These new issues emerged from a number of health policy agendas. Several issues are emerging as of late due to the notion that health care is usually perceived as prelude to issues concerning physical health problems. Federal health policies range from mental illnesses and physical therapy issues. The four central issues concerning federal health issues are: Health Insurance Access, Primary Care for Patients, Quality Management in Hospitals, and the Advancement of Healthcare Organizations. These issues constitute a broader set of issues, which concerns federal health policies. The advancement of new medical techonology has generated many opportunities for managed care spcecially in hospitals. These advances in the field of…

Health and Health Care

The book “Health and Health Care 2010: The Forecast, The Challenge” by Roy Amara et al. provides detailed analysis of trends that will affect health care policies and practices by 2010. In particular, the authors have made an excellent effort to forecast stability and volatility of health care in the USA. The authors cover the following topics: health care forecast, demographic trends, health care demands, health insurance, children’s health, medical and information technologies, diversity and the workforce. Managers and staff members will find the chapters about information and medical technologies of particular interest. Nevertheless, the issue of ablation is paid too little attention. The authors argue that the primary purpose of the book is to make readers aware of critical…