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Man as a social being Essay

Man is a social being and can never live a mundane routine always. Man undergoes different swings and moods in his daily life. Hence,the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” holds very true.

Unlike a computer or any mechanical tool,man gets worn out or gets tired easily.He cannot perform any repeated activity continuously without a break.

Let me take an example of a particular student who was a typical bookworm .He was very hardworking and he did studies and nothing else the whole day.Ironically,his marks never used to show the efforts he used to take.The reason for this paradox was that he always kept poring into books. He never used to take even a small interval of rest.This forced his mind to start daydreaming and remain in reveries. This would naturally affect his academic and over all performance in school activities.

There is another reason to support this statement. On taking a break from a usual activities,say ,studies would give a pinch to the person. He/she would feel somewhat guilty for wasting his/her time into other activities.This would instigate the person to study harder and go in a faster rate with full concentration in his studies.Thus, even a half an hour break would save hours of time which would just be wasted in reveries .

Taking a small interval of break would give a change to the mind .The person would feel refreshed to go back to work in a better mood. A person weared out or in a bad swing would feel joyous and happy if he/she takes a break by doing something interesting or even by taking rest for a while.

One could take a break by involving in any sport activity or spend some time with a hobby. Going for sports could be a good time-pass.This will improve one’s health and naturally enrich one’s mind because a sound mind always dwells in a sound body.It would also improve a person’s talent in sports or other co-corricular activities like drawing,music etc.A person could improve himself in an over-all way,not only in work but also in play.

Hence ,I strongly believe in this thought provoking phrase for it is not always just work but also play that would make Jack a boy of brilliance.

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