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Making America a Better Place Essay

America has had many great leaders in its history. They were all great though they all had different strategies. Leaders also come in different packages like some were presidents and some were just common people that influenced people. It does not matter what they were or what strategies they used they all wanted the best for America and led it through tough times and change. Two leaders American leaders that admire are Martin Luther King Jr. and Eisenhower. They both gave meaningful speeches our nation.

Dr. King gave a great inspirational speech in Memphis, Tennessee in order to push civil rights forward, while Eisenhower gave a farewell speech saying good bye to our nation. One thing that Dr. King and Eisenhower had differently in their speeches was their purpose. Dr. King’s purpose was to motivate the black community to fight for their equal rights and fix America’s racism problem. On the other hand Eisenhower was motivating the citizen to keep America progressing forward and cautiously without him. The only similarity that their purpose has is that they motivate a group of people living in America.

A similarity is that they both repetition in their speeches. Dr. King uses it to engage more motivation form his audience. For example Dr. King repeats “If I had sneezed” to show that great things have happened and will continue to happen. Eisenhower also uses repetition, he repeat “Night” to his audience to emphasize that he is leaving the presidency to become a common citizen. These great leaders might have had different purposes and different strategies but their main goal was to make America a better.

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