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Maintenance Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Residential Building Maintenance

Up to-date maintenance of the residential buildings and keep them in sustained good condition poses a continuing challenge to the owners of multi storied residential buildings as well as smaller buildings. A careful assessment of the maintenance needs economic procurement of maintenance materials leading to savings in operational cost of maintenance and planning a scheduled maintenance to keep the value of the property enhanced are at the root of any residential building maintenance programme. Though appear to be easier there several aspects in the maintenance of residential buildings; some of which may be trivial yet will have the effect of reducing the life of the equipments being used in the maintenance drastically. Therefore it is imperative to have a thorough…

Pirates of Silverland

A. INTRODUCTION OF THE CASE Palm Haul Sdn Bhd (PHSB) was actively engaged in the business of transportation of crude palm oil (CPO). It was in a niche market because of high demand in delivering the CPO from the mills to the refineries. In addition, due to this reason, the industry players were rewarded with high gross profit margin which ranged on 35% – 45% with low administrative overheads. However, as PHSB involved in service industry, high cost of sales was inevitable in the operations. This issue created higher competitiveness in the market because the industry players tend to operate more efficaciously in managing cost of sales. Furthermore, oil piracy was the major issue which was difficult to be solved…

Case Study – Troubleshooting Information Systems At theRoyal Hotel

Major Issues 1) Management issues on the part of Fancy Consultants & Company a. Sent an intern alone on his first assignment b. Assignment was only slated for 1 week (Piccoli 53) c. Pulled intern from job before it was completed 2) Blake jumped right to an IT solution without understanding the as-is system fully. He “Put the cart before the horse” (Piccoli 49). 3) Only topical analysis was done causing failure in the design and implementation stages a. Interviewed GM, and FM’s b. Did not interview end users c. Could have used a different methodology 4) Blake left the job before it was completed a. did not provide proper training and support after implementation b. did not communicate with…