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Mainstream Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Summary Reaction Paper- Black Talk and Pop Culture

“Black Talk and Pop Culture, by Leslie Savan is an essay taken from her 2005 book, “Slam Dunks and No Brainers: Language in Your Life, the Media, Business, Politics and Like, Whatever”. It describes how the Black language has integrated itself into mainstream culture. One might be surprised on the African-American origins of certain commonly used words and phrases. The essay has many examples and details about how the Black language infiltrated pop culture over the years and how it has finally been widely accepted. The author managed to state many truths, but I felt the article was too long for her purpose. While some of references were helpful in making her point, they became redundant, too drawn out and…

Youth and the Culture of Materialism

We live in a materialistic society. Take a trip to your local shopping center, watch television for a few minutes, or check out a magazine stand at a corner convenience store, and this fact will become quite evident. Our society places significance on what you own—not who you are. This reality prevails in most areas of our social fabric, but it is, without a doubt, most apparent in the mainstream media. The culture of materialism conspicuously presents itself on television shows, in magazines, in movies, and especially, in music videos. The influence of the mainstream media reverberates most with young people, who are generally more impressionable than persons of any other demographic group are. It is, therefore, conceivable that the…