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Maharashtra Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Value based education is the need of the hour

?“Students today are lacking a humanitarian approach and hence value based education is the need of the hour. Youngsters are trapped in the criminal web of cyber crimes, consumption of drugs, liquor and other tobacco based products. The ones away from these ill practices opt for professional education and very few go for research”, said eminent physicist and Padmashri Dr. G. Venkataraman, speaking at a symposium on ‘Integral Human Values Education’ organised at the Kalina Campus of the University of Mumbai this weekened. The symposium was organised by the Sri Sathya Sai Trust, Maharashtra and the Sri Sathya Seva Organisations, Maharashtra and Goa as part of their endeavor to bring into focus the need for integral human value based education…

Case Analysis

The appellant, Mohammed Ajmal Mohammad Amir Kasab @ Abu Mujahid (hereinafter referred to as â the appellantâ or as â Kasabâ ), who is a Pakistani national, has earned for himself five death penalties and an equal number of life terms in prison for committing multiple crimes of a horrendous kind in this country. Some of the major charges against him were: conspiracy to wage war against the Government of India; collecting arms with the intention of waging war against the Government of India; waging and abetting Indian Kanoon – http://indiankanoon.org/doc/78874723/ Md.Ajmal Md.Amir Kasab @Abu … vs State Of Maharashtra on 29 August, 2012 the waging of war against the Government of India; commission of terrorist acts; criminal conspiracy to commit murder;…