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Magnet Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Magnetic Field and Average Voltage

Purpose: To prove Faraday’s Law of Induction using an oscillating wand which swings through a magnetic field. In addition, we studied the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy. Questions: 1. What are the possible errors in this experiment? There are a variety of sources of error which may have affected the results of this experiment. There could have been an error in the setup of the Rotary Motion setup or its setup within the Logger Pro program. Another issue with the setup could have occurred when using the banana plug if it was not inserted correctly. In addition, errors could have occurred during the collection of data such as not pulling back the oscillating wand properly to get an…

Electricity & Magnetism

Properties of Magnets: Magnet: any material that attracts iron and materials that contain iron Magnets attract iron and materials that contain iron. magnets attract or repel other magnets. In addition, one part of a magnet will always point north when allowed to swing freely. Magnetic Poles: Magnetic Pole: any magnet with 2 ends, each is called a magnetic pole. Magnetic poles that are unlike attract each other and magnetic poles that are alike repel each other. Magnetic Force: the attraction or repulsion between magnetic poles Magnetic Fields: Magnetic Field: the area of magnetic force around a magnet Magnetic Field Lines: invisible lines that map out the magnetic field around a magnet. Magnetic field lines spread out from one pole, curve…