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Madonna Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Madonna of the Meadows

In the history of art, one of the main goals of the artists has been to create a realistic and innovative art. Every era invented its own way of achieving this effect and when the paintings are compared, there are always pieces that are more realistic and innovative than the other. The search for exact representation of the real world has lead to very impressive results. The High Renaissance period brought about a great cultural movement in terms of scientific revolution and artistic transformation at the dawn of the modern European history. The “Madonna of the Meadows” is a classic example of great piece of art painted by Raphael during this period. This masterpiece is painted with tempera and gold…

Madonna with a Long Neck

“Madonna with a Long Neck” is one of the most famous works of Parmigianino, or Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazolla of Parma. Its elegance, stylishness, elongated forms signify its belonging to the later phase of Mannerism. For Mannerism, the complexity of forms and unnatural distortions were common, since there was no purpose to make the painting similar to nature, but to portray the inner idea of something with the help of a manner. This type of attitude to art is clearly seen in Parmigianino’s “Madonna with a Long Neck”. In the center, Madonna is sitting with Child sleeping on her knees, supporting Him with her left hand. Her exquisite features, her small oval head, long neck, the attenuated limbs are the…

Madonna’s Sex Book

?According to Giselle Benatar of Entertainment Weekly, there are two versions of how Madonna came up with the idea for the book. One was that she conceived the idea of an erotic photography book during the shooting of the film A League of Their Own in the summer of 1991. [1] The second one is that Judith Regan, vice-president and editor-in-chief of Simon & Schuster, flew to Los Angeles in March 1991 to meet with Madonna and her manager Freddy DeMann, armed with a proposal for a similar collection of photo-erotica. [1] The singer had initially verified whether Regan had approached any other celebrities with this concept, as Madonna would be interested to be a part of it only if it was a unique idea. [2] By the end of the meeting Madonna…