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Macy Brand Essay

1. Macy’s is one of very few brands in the retail business that can credibly be called an icon, and the flagship store in New York and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade are considered a commercial and cultural legacies. Since some years ago Macy’s Inc. has undertaken an extensive effort to transform Macy’s from a regional to a national brand, redefining itself. Macy’s national branding strategy is offering a more localized, personalized retail customer experience. My Macy’s is a sweeping initiative designed to embed a customer-centric orientation into every aspect of the company’s operations, and it reflects the way Macy’s wants its customers to view their personalized relationship with the company every time they interact with the brand. Macy’s believes that the aim is consistency and the key is data.

To implement the kind of customer-centricity envisioned a customer data strategy was a prerequisite. So was needed to consolidate the various data repositories that had accumulated from predecessor companies, and for realizing the foundational importance of this work on a long-term need to turn to IBM to provide guidance and tools. To finish the virtually transformation worked to put in place the architectural elements needed for a 360 degree view of its customers to support a strategy of multichannel integration.

2. Considering this IT implementation Macy’s is able to know customer’s preferences and create dynamically customizes recommendations or personalized promotions and these information established a deeper level of engagement between the customers and the brand, the customer loyalty, wallet share and the sales will increase. This implementation improved the decision making and optimized the distribution center. All these benefits had make Macys’ a much more customer-centric company.

3. A data strategy was a pre-requisite towards Macy’s multichannel model to Macys’ be able to become more customer-centric. This mean, it was needed to capture customer data to enable Macys’ to interact on a more personal level with its customers. So all the previous customer’s data and a 360-degree view of the customer will personalize and enrich the customer experience in the company.

To get all the information from previous data and from the 360-degree view of the customer, Macys’ turned to IBM and they provide IBM InfoSphere Information Server platform and IBM InfoSphere DataStage to integrate the multiple sources of customer data, they also provide IBM InfoSphere QualityStage to ensure that all data can be trusted and finally they provide IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Enterprise Edition to be capable to get data warehouse framework for real-time analytics.

4. To understand if this information system is strategic for the company I will do a 5 Forces of Porter analysis. According with the benefits of the IT implementation Macys’ customers will become more loyal at the brand what will minimize the bargaining power of the buyers. Working with IBM made Macys’ able to understand the evolving business needs to take the right decisions on technology and architecture, what make Macys’ more flexible to changes, and that will decrease the threat of substitutes, the bargaining power of suppliers and the threat of new entrance. With all the powerless 4 forces will influence rivalry decreasing it. To conclude, all the 5 forces have no influence on Macys’ strategy what means that this information system is strategic for the company.

5.  To transform Macys’ from regional to a national brand and become a more customer-centric company was need to transform in scope, the physical, logistical and organizational dimensions. According with The Venkatraman model Macys’ has achieve revolutionary levels being at the Business Scope Redefinition Degree Transformation.

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