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Macroeconomic Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Macroeconomic Issue Paper

Financial crisis has changed our vision of the future. We are scared by the growing unemployment rates and are not confident whether tomorrow economy will bring any positive changes. Non-economists use unemployment rates to determine, how well international and the U. S. economy performs; in simple terms, the growing unemployment rates suggest that we are at the edge of the deepening economic recession. Many of us keep to a misleading opinion that the growing unemployment is the direct result of the current financial collapse. In its recent article, the Economist (2008) sheds the light onto the major unemployment controversies that also impact real GDP, consumption, and speed up the development of the credit crisis spiral. Macroeconomics of the growing unemployment…

The Current Macroeconomic Situation of the US

In the recent years, the US economy has gradually improved. However some areas such as the housing industry have still remained negatively affected. The following paper will discuss some of the causes that led to the crisis and what the Federal Reserve should do to address the affected areas. Introduction Despite the improvement in the US economy, there is still a decrease in interest rates, depreciation of currency and unstable markets due to fluctuations. The current debt loan of the US is also big and may lead to depression of the economy resulting in minimized growth. This is mainly caused by low interest rates which encourage borrowing for the business sector and the consumers looking for homes. In order to…

Macroeconomic Situation

The economic situation in the United States today could be considered as one of the deepest crisis the mankind has seen in so many years. The GDP growth rate of the country has decreased and ultimately got in the negative figures. The GDP growth rate in the year 2009 was -2. 4%, the inflation rate of the nation got around at 2. 2%. After the credit crisis and the subprime crisis, the overall economy was hampered with phases of rapid unemployment and bailouts for biggest financial sector companies. The overall trust in the service sector was reduced to a considerable level. The unemployment rate in April 2010 was estimated around at 9.9%. Due to continuous decrease in the growth rate…