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Lost Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Getting Lost

I can vividly remember the first time I visited my aunts and uncles in their hometown when I was still a child. It was a big city and the malls during that time were so huge in my eyes. I was with my grandparents then because my parents were so busy with their jobs. As a child, I was very excited to visit other place and see new things especially when I have not visited yet the place of my relatives. It was totally my first time to visit there and my first time to travel without my parents so I told myself that it would be a lot of fun without their presence. I undoubtedly and excitedly packed up…

A lost property

A lost property is one which is found in a locality where it is likely that its true owner had no intent of placing it and the owner is not likely to find it. On the other hand, misplaced property is one which the true owner placed it somewhere and forgot to pick it up. Conversely, abandoned property is one which the true owner intended to leave somewhere due to the state it was in (Litka & Inman, 1983). This plane could have been termed as lost or abandoned. The collector of the airplane – Doug Chaplin, thus lost in the court ruling since the plane was a lost and found property (Stewart, Warner & Portman, 2008). The plane could…