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Long term hiring goals Essay

Chern’s has devised a long term plan to open fifteen new stores in the next five years and to continue from there to grow at an annual rate of 9 percent. Long term hiring goals are needed coupled with organizational approaches and objectives to strategically influence the hiring process. Short term, first the company has to pinpoint the number of employees needed to properly staff all five stores. Looking at the proper channels to submit job advertisements to acquire the most suitable talent for the new locations. Looking long term, Chern’s must take a look at not only staffing laws but recruiting laws. Making sure that the candidates have long term goals with the company. Making sure they will yield a return by training well which will assure they will become productive staff. Educating properly on the expectations of the job and performance appraisal process and how it will lead to the promotion process. The way to go about attaining these goals takes us to a strategically devised plan.

The foundation to the plan is a well-constructed and put together job description that includes everything that is expected of an applicant. Next a Job requisition must be sent to make sure the correct number of employees are identified and the proper permission is received to hire the needed staff. Next the proper areas for sourcing and recruitment of talent needed to find suitable talent. Then selecting and interviewing the most qualified applicants and notifying the applicants that where not chosen. Finally acquiring talent and making offers of employment is in order before the training process begins. This process and goals will ensure a smooth and productive strategic hiring process which will produce and retain qualified loyal staff members.

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