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Long-Range Goals Essay

Every one of us builds dreams and creates goals of our own. And those goals and aspirations are frequently rooted on our desires, wants and wishes, which depend on our personal experiences and current situations in life. My long-range personal goals revolve on three vital things: academics, professional and financial matters. Academic goals focus on my desire to graduate from college and to pursue further education. In fact, I am the first one in the family who is going to obtain a diploma. I am currently in my freshman taking general courses and a major course in Accounting.

However, because I have come up with a realization lately, I now desire to become a Math teacher. In order to achieve it, I have to change my major courses. Therefore I am going to enlist in courses under the Teaching Program. Right after college I plan to have my Masters Degree on Education in order for me to achieve my academic goal. My professional visions center on my desire to become the person I yearn for my self to be: a Math teacher. I need to fulfill the responsibilities of being one. I have to teach diligently and faithfully the subject I am required to teach.

Moreover, I have to maintain proper order and discipline in the classroom. I have to maintain an approachable and amiable atmosphere with my students. I am going to share them learning that would be kept in tact in their heart and mind. My financial goals center on my vision to earn for my education and for my family and to have a stable career so that I would have a steady source of income. Currently, I work as a part-time employee. I do my job three days in a week to support myself especially my education and to sustain my family because my father has no job and my mother is mentally ill.

Even though I am employed, I can definitely say that I am a full-time student because I never get absent to class and I do my schoolwork and projects. At present, I live in a Project I really hate to live in. I believe that the only way for me to have a better life is for me to be educated. I desire for my dreams and visions to come true and I know that education is the ultimate key in reaching them. My character, perseverance and wisdom are the supporting factors that go hand in hand with education.

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