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Lodging Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Front Office Management paper

Abstract: This report is aimed to discuss the need for clear procedures to be set for the pre-arrival stage of the guest cycle. The pre arrival stages in a guest cycle entail services that are executed by people or other relevant systems (like software) to deliver the best to the guests. Reservations are an important stage in pre-arrival of all guests. An effective service delivery will ensure the guests get satisfied from the very primary stages. Vital preparations have to be made for the arrival of all guests by the front office department. Records have to be kept. Computers are essential in this process for they play an important facilitation role. Discuss the need for clear procedures to be set…

Lodging in Canada

Real estate is classified as one of the greatest personal financial assets one can own in Canada. Some statistics have estimated that, more than 70 percent of Canadians posses their own personal homes (Alexander, 2006). The value of all residential homes in the country is estimated to amount to more than 2 trillion dollars. Given the current demand for personal homes, the future financial plans of most Canadians includes the value of owning homes. The increased desire for most people to own personal homes and yards has been attributed to the various demographic and market factors. Some of these factors include; an aging population and a low inflation economy which has been sustained over time. Demographic factors have been cited…

Air Bnb Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder description Airbnb is a peer-to-peer platform that provides accommodation for lodgers, and the possibility for people with unused living space to rent it out. The website offers anything from budget rooms, to luxury villas, which makes it a serious alternative to the hospitality industry. Prior to a business conference held in San Francisco, the two founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia decided to offer additional accommodation for the participants. Moreover, they offered them homemade breakfast, and a unique chance for them to do networking. Quickly, this became a success, and they even decided to accommodate three guests, in their own flat in SF. The two founders teamed up with the Harvard graduate Nathan Blecharczyk, and now they had ambitions….

Room division

Time table Monday11.00-13.00hrs Tuesday11.00-12.00hrs Preamble This course is designed to introduce students to the principles of accommodation management in hospitality industry. Emphasis will be placed on Rooms Divisions’ traditional role as the best generator of the hotel’s revenue as well as its principal operational functions. Objectives By the end of the semester the students should have an understanding of: The housekeeping division and its operations. The guest cycle and the operational and managerial activities for each stage. They should also be able to come up with reports on evaluating operations in the rooms division. Communication between houseking and other Hotel departments. Human resources in the rooms division department and its importance. Course Outline 1. The Rooms Division Introduction Organization of…

Contemporary hospitality industry

The main aim of this report is to provide a brief description of the hospitality industry in UK along with its size, scope and diversity in order to convince the panel of potential investors to invest in the hospitality industry. My management consultancy firm was asked to produce a formal report focussing on the foreign business people to help them to decide whether to invest or not in particular sector of the industry for the coming London 2012 Olympic games. It will provide them a brief description of different ownership styles, management styles as well as organisational structure of several different sectors of the hospitality industry. Moreover, it will also provide the detail analysis of current trends, issues and recent…