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Location Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Drainage Design

Design of Storm Drainage System for a new city to be developed is the part of overall infrastructure design of the project. The design will include the independent storm drainage system for development area and its integration with the future storm drainage system. Purpose of study The objective of the design of storm drainage system is to ensure that there will be no flooding nearby the project area site and discharging the run-off away from the proposed site to the nearest interface point or sea in a minimum time and in safe manner. Pounding of storm water on roads and public areas will be minimized to allow the public access on the roads and public areas during the rain and…

New York University

Bill Pope born in Bowling green, Kentucky, USA on 19th June 1952, he is a graduate from New York University with a master degree in fine art. While in university, he did many projects, he shot one of his best documentaries called “The Sixth Week” which was nominated and won the academy award for the best student documentary. After completing his study in the university, he started working on commercials and music videos for artist as Janet Jackson, Mick Jagger, Metallica Peter Gabriel, Chris Isaak and Motley Crue, among others. His best work won awards in both categories. Since then he had baged many awards which include: 1996-Independent Spirit Awards Best Cinematography, 1999-British Academy of Film and Television and Best…

WiFi RealTime Location Tracking Systems

Wrireless networks has affected large and small companies alike. While Radia Frequency Identification (RFID) tags based networks have gained popularity over the years, there are also other wireless networks available that are being tested in order to provide same functionality and more. Wi-Fi and blue tooth are two of the examples of such networks. This short paper discusses the use of Wifi. Wi-Fi Networks WiFi generally comes under the umberalla of RFID. WiFi ID is actually an active RFID system that uses the air communication standard 802. 11. There are also other active RFID systems that use standards other than 802. 11 and operate on different frequencies. One of the important aspect of this scenerio is to understand thje difference…