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Local Literature Essay

The 1990s have been an era of growth in computer usage for campuses across the United States. A national survey of information technology use in higher education indicated an increasing integration of computing related activities into college courses (Campus Computing Project, 2000). This survey reported that three-fifths of undergraduate courses utilized electronic mail and two-fifths made use of World Wide Web (WWW) resources. Parallel to this trend is the growing number of colleges and universities instituting requirements for student computer ownership (“Growing number of colleges require…,” 2000). This article reported that many of the schools implementing the requirement did so to guarantee that all students had access to the same computing resources. Research by Brown (1999) indicated that at schools without a computer ownership requirement, only half the students are likely to own one.

Comparing Computer Usage by Students in Education Programs to Technology Education Majors Aaron C. Clark and Eric N. Wiebe
Previous Editors: Mark Sanders 1989-1997; James LaPorte: 1997-2010


Sheikh Tariq MAHMOOD
Makhdoom Ali Syed
Ziarab Mahmoodi

The purpose of this study is to determine the status of computer usage and the attitudes toward computers of prospective preschool teacher and to investigate of several variables on their attitudes. For this purpose, “Computer Usage Information Form” and “Computer Attitude Scale” was applied to 126 prospective preschool teachers. This study is conducted with survey methods. The data is analyzed through standard deviation, mean value as well as t-test and one way ANOVA for group comparison, besides to find which group causes the difference in the group comparison, a PostHoc Tukey HSD test is employed.

At the end of the study it is determined that the prospective preschool teacher use computers more at home and internet cafes and their levels of using computer programme are intermediate or upper. It is also determined that there is a significant difference according to the variables of taking computer course, computer ownership, level of using computer program, frequency of computer usage, computer experience and class of the scores of attitudes toward computers. On the other hand, there is no significant difference according to the variables of gender. It is recommended that future studies should focus on investigating academicians’s level of usage of computer program and attitudes toward computer technologies.

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