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Local Business Bus/210 Essay

I use Wal-Mart frequently. My husband works at Wal-Mart but I think I’m in there more than him. We buy our food, clothing, electronics, toiletries, and necessities from there. Since I am the spouse of an employee, I receive a discount card so that makes me more drawn to the business. The first component of Wal-Mart is business commerce. Business commerce is when Wal-Mart exchange good and services with other businesses. For example, Wal-Mart has a hair salon service; I love to get my hair done every other week.

Also, many Wal-Marts provide banking services and some fast food services. Wal-Mart has stock trades also. Another main component of Wal-Mart is business occupation. Business occupation is the acquired set of specialized skills and abilities that allows Wal-Mart to create valuable goods and services. When my husband started at Wal-Mart he had to undergo several trainings to ensure that he understands the business and also that he provides customers with excellent services.

Wal-Mart provides thorough training to its employees so that they can keep the customers coming back. Customers always value great customer service. I think this is one way Wal-Mart remains ahead of its competitors. The last main component of Wal-Mart is business organization. Business organization is the system of task and authority relationship which coordinates and controls the interactions between people so that they work toward a common goal.

Wal-Mart’s common goal is to provide low prices. They try to provide lower prices than their competitors. They are about saving their customers money. They have reduced the costs of their retail and other products in the store. There are many Wal-Marts around the world and they provide the same services in all of them. I love Wal-Mart and I agree that they have prices lower than many other retailers. I definitely agree with their slogan, it is so true. “Save money, Live better”.

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