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Living in the City vs Living in the Country Essay

The country is a place that has a fresh and peaceful environment. Some people like to live in the country while other people prefer to live in the city. In my opinion, I would rather to live in the city because of facilities, quality of life, and opportunities there. First, there are many advantages of facilities like the health care system, education institutions, and variety of entertainment. For example, there are clubs and restaurants in the city where people can enjoy their nights with family and friends. The city had many more hospitals and education systems than in the country. Second, in the city, the quality of life is much better than in the country. For instance, the quality of education is high due to the availability of technology and modern teaching methods. Additionally, transport systems are more convenient for people.

We are able to go wherever we want quickly and easily. Finally, when we live in the city, we have more opportunities to improve life skills in society. In the city, we meet the wide variety of people coming from various places. As a result of this, we get to meet different people and get to know their culture and customs such as taste variety of foods, language. In addition, getting a job is easy because of the variety of jobs. In conclusion, living in the city also has some disadvantages such as air pollution, traffic jam. However, the positive effects outweigh them. Thus, living in the city makes life easier and more comfortable.

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