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Living in a World without Women Essay

In the quest for women’s genuine role in the society, Crossette argued that women in the Muslim world have made a great change in the modernization of its society. Women’s influence has made a major impact in various sectors in the Muslim world. This impact is favorably recognized by the modern world through its given equal rights. Traditionally, women’s roles in the Muslim society are favorable for men. Gender segregation is customary and women are only perceived as wives and mothers without any connection to the economic world.

However, these traditional views towards women had changed over time. Social change in particular, which includes the economic and political status of women, is historically brought by political conflict. Post-World War II as a political conflict brought about the change in the social status of women. In connection, the Middle East had experienced the same political conflict since the 1950’s. The most evident political conflict is that of the Palestinians.

They have been discharge by Zionists from their communities throughout the period of conflict. This conflict, however, had made major changes in the rural Palestinian life particularly in women’s role through political involvement. Indeed, women’s roles in the society have changed over time and these changes help the society grow as well. Within the Muslim world, women- may it be activists or not, play a major responsibility of molding the society and considered themselves accountable for all the decisions they have to make.

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