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Living Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Rise in Standards of Living

Australian business centers, stock markets, economic revenues and different economic sectors from the latter centuries have always been striving to improving the economy channeling as well the improvements of society’s standards of living; however, with the current progression of such trends, standards of living have gone so far ahead from the average people coping up to the demands of the prevailing society. Consequently, imbalance, strain and economic disproportion occur as the primary results of the high standards of living and the coping average public. b. Australia: Economic Overview . Due to the great transition of United States, Canadian and Australian economies from the agricultural-based setup of 19th and 20th centuries to an economy based on industries in the current 21st…

GDP Alleged Failure to Measure Standard of Living

There are many interpretations of measuring the GDP that determines if the standard of living can be analyze to reflect either negative or positive growth. The criticism on actual measurement for accurate analysis of GDP is a challenging aspect due to the many layers of identifying the main criteria’s (Baumohl, 2007). The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) does not actually take into account bartering and the black market. This aspect can cause one of the main reasons for difficulty to assuring the measurement required in the final analysis. The account for bartering illustrates one out of many aspects that produces challenges for economists as well as the modern person to determine what actual state the economy is in at a given…

Functional assessment of an elderly man at home

According to NHS (2011), elderly people who have attained the age of 65 years and above usually spend an average of 10 hours and above daily sitting or lying down, making them the most sedentary group of people. Due to this apparent inactivity among the elderly, they are more prone to accidental falls, obesity, cardiovascular accidents, heart conditions and sudden death than the general population. In this interview, data was gathered from an elderly man in his early 80s through use of a semi-structured interview schedule that consisted of open-ended questions touching on the instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) and activities of daily living (ADL). The interview schedule provided an opportunity for the interviewer and interviewee to tackle the…