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Liver Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Biohybrid Devices

Biohybrid devices. Biohybrid devices are implantable medical contraptions that undergo vascularization inside the body before the normal human cells (such as islet cells of Langerhans) can be placed inside them. They provide local immunosuppression that ensures that the normal human cells are not rejected by the host’s immune system or the graft versus host disease (Dorian). Biohybrid devices can be used to prevent diseases such as liver failure and diabetes. For persons at risk of developing type I diabetes mellitus (such as genetically predisposed individuals) or pre-diabetic individuals, their islets cells of Langerhans can be protected by biohybrid devices (Ricchie). These biohybrid devices are designed using nanoencapsulation technology into conformal polymer biomaterials that form a scaffold over the population of…

The Role of RNA Polymerase and the Death Cap Mushroom

Being a health care worker, the role of how substances affect the body are always fascinating and intriguing. The role of the Death Cap Mushroom, which is appropriately named, is one that is simple but can have fatal implications. In Britain, the Death Cap Mushroom is attributed to 75% of all fatalities that are caused by ingesting mushrooms (Kibby, 2006). These are deaths that are certainly avoidable, but yet continue to happen. The Death Cap Mushroom scientific name is the Amanita phallodes. When it is ingested, it causes a deadly reaction in the human body. The major toxin mechanism is the inhibition of RNA polymerase II in DNA reproduction. The reason this becomes deadly is that this is a vital…

Pig Dissection Lab report

In lab we received a fetal pig for dissection to be done over five lab sessions. We started off with an over view of the pigs anatomy noticing the snout, external nares, eye structure, pinnae, tongue, teeth, tail, three clove hands, and feet. We also identitified the sex of our fetal pig, and upon observation at the base of the umbilical cord we determined the sex was a male. The first part of our dissection involved reviewing the masseter muscle structure. We use a scalpel and started our cut at the base of the ear cutting until we reach the mouth. Then we went back to base of the ear cut up by the earlobe traveling the scalpel right below…