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Literary genres Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Literary Genres

Genre is the division of texts on the basis of formal, thematic, or stylistic criteria. The Oxford English Dictionary specialized definition delineates genre as: “A particular style or category of works of art; especially a type of literary work characterized by a particular form, style, or purpose.” (OED) . A genre is contrastingly an instrument of restriction and a mode of liberation. A literary genre is like a tool that may be employed conceptually within and outside of an individual text and conveyed with equal flair by the author, the reader, and/or the critic. Once a piece of literature falls under a specified genre, it is expected to contain the norms and elements of its particular category. The three most…

Essay on Effectiveness of Author’s Presentation

A history teacher wants to teach history. How would he/she do this? There are many different ways to present history to a wide variety of audience members. People understand and interpret information all on a different level because of the way an author would present it, whether it be through an article or picture. There are many formats as to which there could be information presented – articles, videos, poems, and artwork. Three things that are essential to answering the question above: the genre of the information, knowing the audience, and containing the subject knowledge. The presentation must contain the above components to affect one’s understanding of history in the most effective way. Despite all this, one must remember that…