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Listen up Essay

I just went to a conference about active listening/benefits. As you may know that active listening is what we need to do in our work place (1). The first step of active listening is listening/understanding. When we listen to someone make eye contact, read their nonverbal communication to have a better understanding on how they feel, an what they are exactly saying. Then we need to empathize with the person, understand what they mean, an ask/encourage the person which we are listening with.

When we question them we are showing them that we are listening/encouraging them to give their opinions on the subject. Last but not least paraphrase/summarize what our counterpart has said. When we repeat their ideas it helps the other person that we understood/listened. Finally don’t interrupt when the person is talking. Active listening can improve the work place, improve situations, an a great skill (1).

This will increase the group dynamics, operational decisions, satisfaction for the customers (2). Lets talk about benefits for active listening (development). sixty percent of active listeners to solve, organizational errors are about also sixty percent of all of the errors in the organization that are related to some form of failure of active listening. In organizations has diversity has worked well with active listeners. With these methods it will help the people with different principles/values (2).

Plus the diversity creates new methods to solve problems that is with the organization. When we have board meeting you can use you active listening skills to the test (2). This way you can retain more of the information that was told. When people have these skill you wont have a lot of misunderstanding when you communicate with people (2). All in all review the memo about the benefits/health care work place, an become a better active listener. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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