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Liquids and Solids Essay

The purpose of this experiment is to examine the properties of several gasses, which were the products of a reaction, and examine the way the gasses react under certain conditions. These conditions, such as introducing a flame to the gas as well as oxygen and CO2, caused other reactions to occur. Experiment Before I began the experiment I gathered all my supplies from the given list in the lab manual. From there I began the actual experiment and diluted the HCL placed in a test tube and then placed the ZN in the tube as well. I placed the stopper and gas delivery plastic system on the test tube and arranged the tube in the well plate.

I then took the test tube filled with water inverted it and placed on top of the gas delivery system, I had the well plate in a large bowl in case of flow over. I then removed and placed my thumb over the opening so gas wouldn’t escape I lit a match and held it approx. 1 cm away and allowed a small drop from the pipet onto the flame to observe the reaction. From here I took my pipet bulb and marked it in 3 equal parts with a marker. I filled the pipet with water and set it into the gas generation tube. When it was about 2/3 full of gas I removed it and set it facing down into the well holder as per the directions.

I then cleaned up the other test tube disposed of the acid and washed the test tube and rubber stopper with water thoroughly. I then began the oxygen portion of the experiment where I placed some Mn into a test tube. I added some hydrogen peroxide and filled to nearly the top. I placed the rubber stopper with gas delivery system and put into the well plate in a straight position. I filled the pipet with water and once again inverted it and placed in on top of the gas delivery system. I then watched as it became displaced with oxygen and removed it placed my thumb over it so it wouldn’t escape.

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