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Linguistics Essay Essay

Some key terms: cultural, social, situational meaning; language; phonetics; the vocal apparatus; the vocal cords; voiced-voiceless sounds; place of articulation; stress or accent; pitch or tone; morphology; morpheme (singular-plural, tense).

Assignment # 1: Essay on “what can the way a person speaks tell us about that person?” (due 1/18 at lecture time).

Week 2:
Jan. 18 The structure of language. [Assign. 1 (essay) due today at lecture time]
Some key terms: syntax: subject, verb, object; language types; semantics (”Colorless green ideas…”); pragmatics.

Jan. 20 Language structure analysis.
Language, Culture, and Cognition. (hdt. #3.0 & 3.01) Readings: Bonvillain, Chaps. 2-cont. (pp. 22-27, 37-39) & 3 (pp. 41-63) Some key terms: Sapir-Whorf hypothesis; semantic or vocabulary domain; color language and color cognition; lexical classifications and ethnoscientific domains; focal meaning and fuzzy membership; cultural presupposition; metaphor, metonymy; metaphors of kinship, other metaphors; proverbs.

Week 3
Jan. 25 Language, Culture, and Cognition. (Hdt. 3.1, 3.2- metaphors & new words) “Metaphors We Live By”.
Readings: Bonvillain, Ch. 3 (pp. 64-71)

Jan. 27 Language and Culture: New Words in American English.
Handouts: “Dictionary adds terms like chick flicks”; “Blog-blogger explained” “Words banned,” newspaper article.
Project Explained: Profile of an ethno-linguistic group in the Los Angeles area.
Chapter 13 – 7 hours
Chapter 14 – 7 hours
Mastering Chemistry -8 hours
Problems in Book – 2 hours
5.6 # 1,2,9,13,21,25
5.7 # 1,2,13,18*,35,39,45,48
5.8 # 1,11,13,16,21,27,29,32,35,41,49
* – use a computer program

6.1 # 1,2,3,7,9,13,16,18,20,27,33,44
6.2 # 1,3,5,14,19,23,37,39,40,43,48,49,53,54
7 hours

Essay Topics:

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