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Linguistic Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Linguistic anthropology

Linguistic anthropology is defined as ‘an interdisciplinary field dedicated to the study of language as a cultural resource and speaking as a cultural practice’ (Duranti, 2001) or ‘investigate the relationship between communication and culture’ (Sociology and Anthropology Website, 2010). It is also ‘the study the role language plays in culturally patterned behavior’ (Stanton, 2000). This branch of anthropology utilizes ‘detailed documentation’ of people’s communicative interaction with each other in any social activity. It also focuses on subjective research through oral interviews, recorded transcription and active participation of the subjects. It has garnered interest from the academic field as more studies had been made with credible sources and maintaining the emphasis on systematic and empirical research. Language and culture are the…

Aspects of Scientific Translation

1. 5 The translator In the context of translation studies, it is assumed that to do a satisfactory translation, the translator must be aware not only of the texts in hand, but also the physical world and the culture in which the texts are formed initially. This implies that the translator should be acquainted with the everyday life in the source location and that his or her activity is not simply a manipulation of linguistic figures or data. The translator handling medical texts do not have to be trained as doctors, nurses or other medical staff, however it is essential that he or she understands the entire connected implication: the linguistic, medical, social, and also cultural context in which he…