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Cost-Salvage Value/Total units of production

Salta Company installs a manufacturing machine in its factory at the beginning of the year at a cost of $87,000. The machine’s useful life is estimated to be 5 years, or 400,000 units of product, with a $7,000 salvage value. During its second year, the machine produces 84,500 units of product. Determine the machines’ second year depreciation under the units of production method: Answer: $16,900 Cost-Salvage Value/Total units of production (87,000 – 7,000)/400,000 = .2 .2 * 84,500 = 16,900 Amortization: Answer: Is the systematic allocation of the cost of an intangible asset to expense over its estimated useful life. Big River Rafting pays $310,000 plus $15,000 in closing costs to buy out a competitor. The real estate consists of…