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Likert Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Job stress to job performance

The thesis selected for my critique which is called “A Study on Job Stress to Job Performance: Counseling as a Moderator” was written by Tseng, Yu-man in 2013. The thesis was done by a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Human Resource Management. It can be discovered on the Electronic Thesis Harvestable and Extensible System of National Sun Yat-Sen University. In this article, the overview of the thesis will be simply described followed by the critique on the research design and data analysis. A terse paragraph on the overall impressions will also be comprised with possible suggestions made in the conclusion part. Overview of the research thesis: In the thesis, the author intended to understand…

Survey and question design

Initial design considerations Before you design your survey Clearly articulate the goals of your survey. Why are you running a survey? What, specifically, will you do with the survey results? How will the information help you improve your customer’s experience with your agency? Make sure that each question will give you the right kind of feedback to achieve your survey goals. When in doubt, contact a statistician or survey expert for help with survey and question design. Survey design The opening should introduce the survey, explain who is collecting the feedback and why. You should also include some reasons for participation, and share details about the confidentiality of the information you are collecting. The introduction should set expectations about survey…