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Life cycle Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Life Cycle Costing

Life cycle costing involves evaluating the costs related to ownership, operation, maintenance and disposal of project facilities. BusinessDictionary. com (2010) defines life cycle costing as the Sum of all recurring and one-time (non-recurring) costs over the full life span or a specified period of a good, service, structure, or system. It includes purchase price, installation cost, operating costs, maintenance and upgrade costs, and remaining (residual or salvage) value at the end of ownership or its useful life. Non-recurring costs include procurement, implementation and acceptance, initial training, documentation, facilities, transition from the suppliers, changes to business processes and the withdrawal from service and disposal. The recurring costs include retraining, operating costs, service charges, contract and supplier management costs, changing volumes, cost…

Life cycle assessment of spring mattress

Hendrickson, et al (2006) posits that: “LCA requires careful energy and materials balances for all the stages of the life cycle”. The life cycle of a spring mattress is made up of many processes. The life cycle or “cradle to grave’ of a spring mattress can be said to consist of the following five stages: a) extraction of raw materials (cradle), b) production of materials, c) production of spring mattress, d) use of the spring mattress, e) disposal of the spring mattress (grave). The function of the product system is to evaluate the extraction of the raw materials, the processing of the raw materials, the manufacturing and fabrication of the product, the distribution of the product, and the use of…