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Licentiate Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Entrance essay

I remember the day well when I was first introduced to computers. I was a wide eyed eight year old who was on spring break, my mother didn’t have anyone to watch me so off to work with her I went. As she led me thru the doors into the Tektronix CPID hardware engineering division I was mesmerized. I knew that day that I wanted to know everything I could about how these machines worked and what I could make them do. I have always had a passion for learning, but for most of my life that passion was fulfilled by educating myself. Either by reading fieroucously about a subject on my own or jumping in with two feet and…

The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society

Based on the facts listed discussed in the Education Pays 2013, The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society article, how might completing a bachelor’s degree improve your: Long-term financial outlook? As a bachelor degree holder working full time for 40 years I will earn an average of 65% more than high school gradulates. Job Satisfaction? As a bachelor degree holder I will enjoy making more money and feel that will be an assentive to working harder. I was a very hard worker at my last job making less money so with making more I will feel I’m getting the pay I’m am worth wit the attached education. Health? As a bachelor degree holder I will have a better…

The Future of Bachelor Prepared Nurses

Registered nurses are increasingly recognized as leaders in transforming the health care system . Nurses need to meet the demand for prevention, wellness and primary care services, with a focus on improving quality and managing costs. In addition to their clinical expertise, they are being sought out to serve in a variety of new roles, such as care coordinators, wellness coaches, and also in leadership roles. A bachelor degree prepares nurses for advancement in their profession, in today’s world most Assistant Nurse managers(ANM) and Nurse Managers(NM) require a bachelor or masters in nursing. Having a bachelor degree also provides an opportunity to educate future nurses and help develop leadership ability. (Chitty & Black, 2011). Goals for Achieving a Bachelors in…