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Library classification Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Library System

Modern Libraries are not made up of just Books but CD ROM’s, Articles, ProjectReports, Bound volumes are substantial part of the holding, Managing the holdingsmanually is a not a simple job. There are few solutions but many a times, we findourselves “making them works” by finding “ways to work around” system inadequacies. Moreover we have limited staff resources, these “work around” waste time, effort, andskills that should be spent on user services. Many solutions do not keep up with the technological changes and hence prove to betime wasters. Library Management system is a small footprint software suitable for personal /individual Libraries. You can store the information about the books and other materialand control the movement of the same. Silent Features…

Sections of the Library

1. Acquisition Section – The objectives of the Acquisition are Selection , Ordering and Accessioning of books in Accession Registers. The library procures those books which are recommended by the teachers / Scientists of the university. Further Chief Librarian also takes initiative in selecting books of general nature and text books. The list of recommended books is placed before the Primary Purchase Committee (PPC) exclusively for selection of books and periodicals. Orders are placed when the PPC approves the list of books and journals. 2. Processing Section – Processing Section undertakes two vital functions, viz. , (a) Classification and (b) Cataloguing (a) Classificaton — Class numbers are given to the books according to the Dewey decimal Classification Scheme (DDC). (b)…