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Liberation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Women and Pornographic Movies: The Issue of Sexual Liberation

Movies with pornographic content oftentimes involve women who are acting while in frontal nudity or are having sexual intercourse with another actor in particular scenes of a film. Feminists see this objectification of women as a form of sexist action and a “degrading, demeaning” and “woman-hating propaganda” (Stoltenberg, 2000, p. 123). It is therefore not surprising if feminists demand for an end to movies that feature naked women performing sexual intercourse because they view such things as against the welfare of women in general. According to Lisa Duggan, Nan Hunter and Carole Vance (2006), one way to completely eliminate pornography is to define it as a “form of sex discrimination” and amend the civil rights law so that the law…

Qingdao- Report on our school trip

The trip to Qingdao was perhaps the most successful I had been to and one the students all expressed satisfaction with, despite the numerous problems given the rushed nature of the trip and the disastrous first day spent at the airport. I felt that this was more due to the fact that we only had to spend three days. and anything more in such a small coastal resort would have stretched students’ patience to breaking point. Over 80% of the students were of the opinion that this trip “- was more organised” which, given the fact it had been completely unplanned and students had been unprepared (wearing clothes suited for the beach in Hainan and not for three days of…

The Effect of the Stonewall Riots in the Gay Rights Movement of the 1970’s

Fear and oppression from the masses, were the only emotions that a member of the LGBT community could expect during the 1960’s and 70’s. At this time in America, peoples such as African Americans and women were fighting for their rights as citizens of America. Yet, there was still a community who had been blatantly cast to the shadows due to their sexual orientation-homosexuals. For many people the police raid on the Stonewall- a popular gay bar in Greenwich, New York- would later turn out to be the Rosa Parks movement of the LGBT community. The Stonewall Riots would raise positive public awareness of the Gay Rights Movement in 1969, and for many more years to come. For the first…