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Letter to the reader Essay

To The Readers
In my portfolio I will be writing about varies of things such as Georgia 411 Interest Inventory, My Career Choice, Autobiographical Incident Essay, and Persuasive Essay & Narrative Essay. In these essays you will get different types of emotions from me. Let me break down what it is that I will be writing about in the essays.

First in my Georgia 411 Interest Inventory essay it’ll be about what type of learner am I? And what types of careers match your skills. ┬áSecondly in my Career Choice essay I’ll be writing about a college/career dedicated to the future career I choose. The main point of this essay will be to research my career choice and create a plan of action including the amount of education required and prepare myself to be able to interview for the position in the future.

Now my third essay is about an Autobiographical Incident that impacted my life in some way. How did the incident affect me? What were some thoughts during the experience? What are my thoughts on it now? This essay is something that means a lot to me because it impacted my life in so many ways. It was kind of hard trying to type up this paper without crying but it was well worth it in the end; because it brought back memories that I tried to forget.

Fourthly, my essay is a Persuasive Essay it’ll be written to convince someone to adopt my beliefs on a topic. ┬áMost of all lastly, my last essay is a Narrative Essay a fictional story of my very own. I do hope you all enjoy what I created in my portfolio.

Essay Topics:

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