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Letter on Intent Essay

For 2 years I have been involved with the fitness industry as a Zumba Fitness Instructor. It has brought people, communities, and entire regions together through dance. Zumba Fitness brightens lives, invigorates souls, and brings good will to all those who attend classes.

Now being able to share my love for fitness with the students of Northern Arizona University by enriching their lives with having a great time while exercising is what I look for as in instructor. Though the constant efforts that is behind the fitness program, I want to enhance my professional development as a group fitness instructor by being given the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.

AFAA Primary Group Exercise will help me increase the awareness of fitness education and its benefits to individuals and communities. As our classes increase as a whole, I want to be aware of each individual and their safety is always a priority. I may only have only 2 years in the fitness industry but I believe it is the right time to enhance my knowledge. Zumba fitness brings all types of age ranges to classes and being aware of that is the most important. in the future I would like to keep an open range and explore more formats, but education of fitness is the first thing to do before I can keep opening up opportunities in the fitness industry.

With your generous support in helping me attend AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification, I will continue to nourish our community and keep our classes strong for years to come. Thank you and I look forward continuing working with you.

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