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Letter of Intent for College of Medicine Essay

I am Emillie Grace D. Tombucon, registered nurse and currently working as a staff nurse of Northern Palawan Provincial Hospital. I am writing you this letter to express my great intent to pursue my Graduate Studies at your esteemed University for the prestigious Medical Course.

The University of Perpetual Help- Dr Jose Tamayo Medical University (UPH-DJGT) is my first choice in pursuing my dream. I believe that one of the key ingredients to be a sucessful and effective professional is the right ethical values and beliefs. The strong Christian values inculcated in the quality education of the University inspires me the most in realizing my aspiration to be a good physician.

It was my childhood dream to be a doctor. I remembered that my Mom was very proud when I ended my speech in Kindergarden Graduation that it was my dream . Years gone by, I finished my Bachelors Degree in Nursing, my mother want me to continue my studies to Medical School, but I immediately worked both in the clinical and academic field of nursing. I also finished my Masters Degree in Nursing this last April, 2013, but I felt that I need to expand my horizons through continued education.

After five years of working as a nurse clinician and educator, I’ve experienced a lot things which contributed to my knowledge, skills and attitude as a proficient nurse and a community servant. I chose to work in government hospital and institutions so that I can serve my fellow Palawenos. Having been exposed to the rural community areas, I’ve learned that there are inadequacies in the health workforce specially in the medical field. I also want to enhance my personal, intellectual and social skills thru the quality education your University offers. Thus I decided to finally realizing my dream and the first step is to enroll in a topnotch learning institution like UPH-DJGT Medical University. It would a great honor to be a part of UPH-DJGT family. I know that I can be a good contribution to the University. Hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you very much and more power!

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