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Letter for Google Essay

Dear Mr. Schmidt: From the inception, the field of Sales and Marketing has enticed me at its best and has motivated me to opt for such courses that further foster my interest in the same field and build up more skills. Therefore, I did my bachelors in which I opted Marketing courses as my electives, and now I am doing MBA in the same field. Taking courses does not suffice; in fact, there must be some practical work experience where we can apply what we have actually learned. As far as the work experience is concerned, I have done two internships – first in an FMCG company and the second in a Pharmaceutical company.

I have been part of industries that have dynamic sales and marketing departments; therefore, I made the most of my internships and learned as much as I could along with developing good relationships with the employees. I have build up certain skills and abilities that include not only understanding the customers and their attitudes, but also keeping them satisfied, boosting up sales, and devising effective marketing campaigns.

Google is an organization where I can apply my existing knowledge and skills and further polish them, since the Sales and Marketing of Google is quite strong and have loads of knowledge and expertise to be acquired. I have highlighted some of my key skills and qualifications as follows:

Ø  Ability to understand other people’s attitudes and behavior and act accordingly; this involves the presence of Emotional Intelligence

Ø  Ability to work as a team member and as a team leader, keeping counterparts motivated and directed towards the goals

Ø  Strong forecasting and decision-making skills

Ø  Adept in making marketing plans, conducting feasibility studies, devising creative ideas and effectively implementing them

Ø  Some Human Resources skills such as, organization, administration, motivation, and managing the resources efficiently

My knowledge, skills, and hand-on experience would be suitable enough for your organization and can benefit it. Moreover, I would welcome the opportunity to have an interview for internship where I can express my qualifications in a better way. I am really looking forward to it and would be grateful to you. Thank you for your consideration.





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