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Lesson plan Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Classroom Observation Guidelines

This handout aims to guide you in the process of constructing an observation report. Please consider all the elements stated here so that your final product is well achieved. The Report Content: Lesson objectives (SWBAT). Explicitly include the lesson aim or the objectives that either the teacher revealed to you or that you have identified from the lesson s/he was guiding. Class overall description. Write in a narrative-descriptive style all the information you collected in the first page of the observation format. You must describe in detail all the information that contextualizes the┬áreader of where the observation took place. Tasks/techniques/activities (student and teacher actions). This is where you construct a narrative de- scription of how the activities were developed in…

Classroom Management

Introduction This paper will present the importance of setting standards within the classroom. Transitioning is one the most important part of planning. Without a classroom management students will not understand the role that they play within the classroom community. I believe the one of the most important details in the development of lesson planning is implementing effective transitioning to minimize behavior problems. Students need to in a positive and encouraging environment for them to succeed and setting high expectations for them. Establishment of rules The purpose of setting classroom rules is to create a safe yet challenging environment. I believe that educators should strive daily to meet the needs of students spiritually, socially and mentally. The theoretical foundation applied by…