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Lesbian Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Gay and Lesbian Youths

Past evidence indicates that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youths have continued to face excessive discrimination in schools. Present literature indicates that LGBT youths also face increased risks for various health issues that include suicide attempts, drug abuse, homelessness, harassment and poor performance at school. In spite of increased clear visibility regarding the discrimination of gay and lesbian people, LGBT youths in schools have continued to encounter excessive social, institutional as well as legal discrimination. In deed LGBT youths have been known to be the most vulnerable subgroup in the bigger LGBT group. Due to the high level of homophobia in the American society, youths who are struggling with the sexual orientation identification are faced with tremendous challenges and…


Thru out life we all have our own path that we must carve out for ourselves. I hope that the following interview will open your eyes, just as it has mine. The good, bad and downright ugly times of life. This is the story of my lesbian friend Stacy and her journey, from understanding what she was, to coming out to her family, and even her future goals and plans. I began my interview with Stacy by asking her when did she first realized she was a lesbian. She answer by stating that she had always liked looking at girls from an early age, but she felt like something was wrong with her. It was in the seventh grade when…

How Does Same Sex Marriage Affects in Decreasing Population Growth

First, what is MARRIAGE? Marriage is a socially or ritually recognized union or legal contract between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them, between them and their children. (From that statement, the word children are the most important thing in marriage, WHY? Because we all know having same sex marriage CANNOT produce a child) What is SAME SEX MARRIAGE? ————– Decrease of population growth caused by SAME SEX MARRIAGE Extending the benefits and status of “marriage” to couples who are intrinsically incapable of natural procreation (two men or two women) would dramatically change the social meaning of the institution. It would become impossible to argue that “marriage” is about encouraging the formation of life-long, potentially procreative (opposite-sex) relationships. The…