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Legal and Illegal Immigration in the U.S. Essay

Immigration Immigration in the United States has grown to an all time high. Now when someone hears the word immigration they automatically think of “illegal” immigrants from Mexico. But it’s people from all countries, legal and illegal. I will give my reasons why the United States should place more restrictions on immigrants. When the two World Trade Center towers where destroyed everyone immediately thought of terrorist’s. Later United States intelligence linked it to Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden had his people from his army come to the United States and get information on how to carry out his plan. The terrorist’s even trained on U.S. soil to get more knowledge on how U.S. machinery, security, and aviation works. Now those terrorists came to America legally. Most of the immigrants come here illegally.

I think that the U.S. should place troops on the Mexican boarder and the Canadian boarder to minimize the number of illegal immigrants entering the country. Now someone may argue that immigrants contribute to the strong U.S. economy by filling jobs, and even paying taxes. And that tighter restriction would compound the economic harm from the terrorist attacks. But the truth is the nation can’t afford to have immigrants in the county when INS cannot track them. Furthermore more the immigrants have taken job opportunities from the native-born Americans, and lowered wages. I’m sure that if the United States doesn’t fix this problem the unemployment rate will grow much higher in our country.

I feel that the United States should place much more restrictions on the people coming into the U.S. Legal and illegally. I have already said that many immigrants have taken many job opportunities away form the native born Americans and that the U.S. can’t afford to track them. Now I’m not saying that we should ban people from our country, but our nation needs to screen people much better then the way they are now.

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