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Legal Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The command version of legal positivism

It is perhaps best to first draw out the fundamental difference between natural law and command through legal positivism before analysing the way in which both schools of thought agree that political inferiors or subordinates are obliged to obey the laws their superiors set. Natural law is according to St Thomas Aquinas a-priori existing as all knowledge in the natural world. That is to say, that it is already pre-ordained within and throughout the world that people encounter. However, it requires a tool of reason so as to be able to interpret this law. Furthermore, it then needs to be enshrined into social law so that everyone can pay testament to it. However, he also makes clear that the interpretation…

Ethical & Legal Issues in Counseling

Counselors like any other medical professionals are guided by professional ethics when it comes to performance of their duties. More often than not, mental health professions are usually faced with the challenge to observe ethical guidelines and legal concerns due to the unique criteria that comes with their job. Primarily, the ethical requirement requires the confidentiality, privacy, and professional relationship between the counselor and the client. This is meant to safeguard the well being of the client and the society at large. The American Counseling Association however provides the ethical guidelines to help these professionals to be able to strike a balance between the ethical practice and the legal requirements depending on the condition of the patient. This leads us…

Legal aspects of cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is of great essence to any community, just as diversity is important to the living organisms which can in fact, have their ecological system adversely affected, lack of cultural diversity can lead to an increase in the risk of economic and political instabilities. This therefore implies that it is very important to preserve cultural diversity. Its preservation, above all conflicts and security concerns has made it to be of much concern in the global arena. For effective integration of the cultural diversity there is need to develop and enact laws that are intended to preserve it so as to continue enjoying its numerous benefits (Heuberger, Gerber, & Anderson, 1999). Legal aspects of cultural diversity A major fundamental characteristic…