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Left in the Lurch Essay

Jim could give Sara a quick call before the presentation just to be sure it wasn’t her he saw at the gas station. Jim could go on with the presentation without Sara and hope that the sides he never received from her will not make a huge impact and do a great job presenting what he has. Jim could also call Sara before the presentation and ask if she can email him her PowerPoint slides. Jim doesn’t actually know whether or not Sara is in fact sick or not, nor does he know if that was her at the gas station, but he needs to know her well-being so that he can get her part of the presentation they are supposed to present to the CEO today.

Jim can be persistent in taking control of the situation his partner put him in by not sending him the needed slides or show up to help present. Jim can show interest and enjoy presenting on his own. He can show his confidence in how successful of an outcome his presentation on his own. Jim should go on with his presentation with or without the slides Sara never sent and show how confident he is in the work he has done.

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