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Lee Essay Topics & Paper Examples

We are so busy making a living that we forget to make a life

“We are so busy making a living that we forgot to make a life.” This statement is one of the best descriptions of Hong Kong dwellers. There are multitudinous researches have stated that Hong Kong is one of the fastest pace of living, one of the cities having the most expensive land price in the world, one of the most stressful city…etc. I believe these “one of the” can explain why Hong Kong people are so unhappy. In the following paragraph, I would like to discuss the contradiction of our lifestyle and giving out some of the suggestion. Why am I using “contradiction” instead of using “problem” in last paragraph? It’s because I think a lot of Hong Kong people…

“Mother’s Tongue” by Amy Tan

1. Amy uses emotional appeals throughout her essay as she does in her first couple paragraphs. Amy says “I am a writer” to show that she simply loves to write down her mind and that is it. 2. Tan’s argument is simply referring to the somewhat embarrassment she has when people notice her mother’s broken English. As she goes on it begins to bother her to a point where she feels sympathetic for her mother. As she feels this, she uses emotional appeals such as personal experiences to further her argument. 3. She divides this essay into three sections to show the different styles or forms of English then how she feels a little embarrassed by her mother’s broken English…