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Learning Team Assignment Essay

The objectives for week one and two were to evaluate individual characteristics of employees, analyze the impact of individual employee characteristics on organizational performance, determine management methods based on individual employee characteristics, determine strategies to motivate employees, and create effective organizational communication. Characteristics of an employee are very important to a manager. Some of the class agreed on several characteristics such as job satisfaction, personality, and general attitudes that can have a large impact on an employee’s behavior. A manager has to use his or her skills to decipher between an employee going through a bad day or an employee who may be extremely unhappy with the job he or she is doing. Preventing negative effects from employee characteristics are a must in any business. Managers can capitalize off the employees who have a positive, motivated attitude while at work. These types of workers should intermix with the public to build good rapport with the community and the company’s customers.

It’s important to pick out characteristics that are important on the job site, such as general attitude. It’s also important to know that depending on the characteristics, there are numerous factors that affect actual performance on the job site such as motivation, morals, priorities, etc. the greatest factor, according to many is simply, the attitude of the employee that can make or break the work environment depending on the positivity or negativity of it. Also learned was the use of knowledge of these characteristics and how to manipulate and use them to promote productivity and a healthy workplace environment. The other big issue addressed is that of communication. Depending on the employee, you as a manager will have to address how you communicate and the channel of communication to be used.

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